Getting An Attorney For Federal Cases

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Not all disputes require reaching the court. Only when there are laws involved does a dispute reach a court. Moreover, the court cannot act on its own until one of the parties of the dispute files a complaint. The question is where do you file a complaint at the state court or the federal one?

Federal courts do not have the broad jurisdiction that state courts possess. The US Constitution specifies the cases that federal courts may hear. Most often, when the US is a party to a legal dispute, the federal court hears these. Other circumstances when these courts may take up are as follows:

Cases involving violation of federal laws or the Constitutional provisions
Cases involving parties from different states
Special cases like bankruptcy laws, intellectual property matters, maritime laws

The number (approximately 1 million annually) of cases the federal courts hear are much less than the number (approximately 30 million annually) the state courts hear. However, as these involve enforcing federal laws, protecting federal rights and handling issues of national importance, there is the need to be more careful in this.

Here are a few instances where you would need the advice and representation of a Federal Court attorney.

If you are claiming entitlement for any government benefit, you may need the services of such a legal practitioner.

If your employers decision of hiring or firing is discriminatory in nature, i.e. based on your age, sex, national origin, or any protected characteristic you may need this attorney.

If you want a review of some action of a federal administrative agency, you may need the advice of the attorney to file an appeal.

If you are filing for bankruptcy, under the specific Chapters of the Bankruptcy Court, and there is a hurdle, you may need this attorney.

If you think that a certain corporation is monopolizing a particular area of business, you need advice from an attorney to know whether you may file a civil lawsuit.

In most cases, federal courts take up civil lawsuits. However, there are certain criminal cases that may require a federal court hearing. Some instances are use of the US Mail in frauds, importing illegal drugs in the nation and such others. When criminal activities affect the whole nation, these cases come to these courts.

Whether it is a civil matter or a criminal one, you need a capable federal court attorney for handling the task.

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Getting An Attorney For Federal Cases

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This article was published on 2011/02/17