Federal Government Small Business Grants- Government Aid for You

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It might be that you are seeking additional funds for your small venture. If it is so, then consider the different federal government small business grants which are available. You can easily find out a list of the most federal grants online. However, keep in mind that the most federal grant money is always awarded through the state agencies and that you should meet up the given criteria to be eligible for the federal grants.

What are federal grants?

Federal grants denotes to financial assistance. Such grants are funded by federal government and are given to the business. Federal grants are used as a booster to the economy and is carried out as a public initiative in a certain way. These grants are usually authorized by laws of United States. The best about Federal Government Small Business Grants is that they do not require to be repaid back.

Eligibility Criteria for Federal Government Small Business Grants

While there is not doubt that the major half of the federal grant money is generally awarded to the local and state governments, there are also federal grants for the small sized businesses which meets the size standards as formulated by Small Business Administration. For instance, the highest number of employees for the wholesale trade industries will be 100. On the other hand, for the manufacturing companies, the maximum number will be 500 employees.

The annual revenue caps also change from one industry to other with the service and retail industry at $6 million, the construction industries at $28.5 million, the special trades at $12 million and $75 million for the agricultural industries.

Much of the federal government small grant is kept aside for the minority owned and women owned small businesses. These grants are specifically targeted to minorities and women in order to encourage the passion of leadership, entrepreneurship as well as equality in the small business.

Grant Agencies and Categories

There are more than 1000 programs provided by the 26 federal grant making agencies. To apply for the Federal Government Small Business Grants, you have to own your small business to typically receive the federal grant funds. There are several grant categories, including community development, agriculture, humanities, science and technology, natural resources, transportation, education and training, agriculture to list a few.

The National Endowment for the Arts, The National Science Foundation, and The Department of Housing and Urban Development are three of the total twenty six agencies which distribute the federal grants for the small businesses.

If you own a small business and meet all the above eligibility needs and criteria, if you a minority or a 501c3 non-profit, the federal government small business grants can be an excellent source of funding for your needs.

Other Things to Know

When it’s about finding federal government small business grants, it’s also important to know about the federal government opportunity fund as well. That’s because the spending of the federal government is usually decided by the federal bodies like the Federal Open Market Operation.

The Federal Open Market Committee serves to be the major unit of the United States National Monetary policy. The committee is held responsible for the monetary policies and it decides upon the federal funds rate. Full information on the treasury securities stand crucial to those looking to purchase or sell them. The timely details of the decisions and discussions can be reached by the Federal Open Market Committee. All of which prove helpful to people looking for the government contracts.

Nonetheless, when aiming to get federal government small business fund, one should also have details on the Federal Government budget process. Details on budget proceedings helps entrepreneurs to take informed decision on how much the government is ready to spend in your own area of business.

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Federal Government Small Business Grants- Government Aid for You

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Federal Government Small Business Grants- Government Aid for You

This article was published on 2011/07/12