Federal Car Auction - 5 Steps to Guaranteed Success at Federal Car Auction

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The advantages are numerous when it comes to Federal car auctions in that for one,  the Government can't afford to be blamed for taking advantage of its citizens, with that being said however, the Federal auction environment is still a buy "as is" world so you'll still need to properly prepare as you would in the case of any auction.
The federal Government isn't going to hold your hand and guarantee that you get a good deal, for those prepared, getting a great deal is easier at Federal auction than it is at any other auction bar none, these are the only auctions that I would ever consider attending.

Here are some simple rules for you to follow at Federal car auction:

Rule#1: Federal auctions are happening constantly so if you are new to this, visit a couple of Federal auctions as an observer before you even think about joining in the hunt, watch and learn, I would even recommend that you visit a pre-auction for the same reasons, to learn what seasoned folks are doing...

Rule#2: Get your finances in order prior to auction, know exactly what your max bid will be on any given vehicle and if you plan on financing, secure that financing prior to bidding at auction.

Rule#3: Make sure that you know what make of vehicle your interested in well before even pre-auction. Check the car press for a listing of prices from dealers and private sellers of that particular vehicle, and then take a look at the listed and sold vehicles for the prior week at the auction you're planning on attending. 

Rule#4: Inspect... Inspect and then inspect again even at Federal Auction folks, don't ever take anything for granted. Be prepared to attend pre-inspection day so that you can properly inspect the vehicle or vehicles you plan on bidding for. 

Rule#5: Find out at Pre-inspection if a complimentary vehicle history report is available, if not then you will need to secure a reliable vehicle history report on your own so ensure that the title is clean.

If you follow these tips then your chances of being successful at Federal car auction have just skyrocketed....Good Luck... 
Let's re-cap these key points:
1) No shortage of auctions
2) Get the money in order and financing secured
3) Research past listings and sales
4) Inspect at pre-auction
5) Secure reliable title history

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Federal Car Auction - 5 Steps to Guaranteed Success at Federal Car Auction

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Federal Car Auction - 5 Steps to Guaranteed Success at Federal Car Auction

This article was published on 2010/03/27