Conducting Federal Market Research

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Seeking new market is not new. It’s a common practice among businessmen. Looking at a new potential market for selling their products or services is what most businessmen desire. Do you want to find new opportunities, new clients to grow your business operations overseas? It is essential to find information which is related to your present business requirements. In this regard, it is important to conduct data mining on your own, using a straight forward and simple method online. That’s how you can actually save thousands of dollars spent in conducting federal market research. If you agree with all these questions, then will be your answer.

What is FEDMINE?

FEDMINE is the platform to gain industry knowledge while minimizing any sort of information overload which affects several organizations in the current business environment. FEDMINE is often defined as a modern business intelligence tool. This is exclusively focused on ‘Federal Contracting Market which impeccably combines up-to-dated contract information from various government sources, thereby making it available to the users via an easy-to-use, strong and instinctive user interface.

FEDMINE gathers all kinds of information from the federal government for use in one place. It’s reasonable, fair and helpful. As a precious tool, it helps to gather information from highly specialized spotting trends to amateur researching market trends as well as helping build new contacts.

FEDMINE aggregates the most recent international and economic data from over twenty different federal agencies, private organizations and innumerable academic institutions to present it in an easily understandable format.


There are few rich features available from the FEDMINE which you will be using:

  1. Daily leads from the government sources as well as the private tenders to assist you to spot the potential partnerships as well as the future market trends.
  1. It’s an advanced database solely driven by web application which leverages the actual power of Internet for aggregating information through distinct but authoritative federal government sources. Get past leads which help keep an eye on market trends over a definite amount of time.
  1. All kinds of federal market research reports are found, ranging from profiles of the international market conditions and the closely examined industry sub-divisions to the well-developed overviews for performing business worldwide.

It also allows you to become a member and search for all possible information that can help your business. It can even help to find future partners and even perform the counter acumen on competition.

As a premier Federal Data Source, FEDMINE offers a level of detail required to make smart business decisions decisively and quickly. Each report you find has been designed in a manner which enhances user experience in all possible ways. You can easily leverage the actual power of the Internet for aggregating information from trusted federal government sources. All of which maximizes relevancy and smart use of the current technology.

Overall, FEDMINE acts as one of the Real-Time Federal Opportunities and contracts data concerning the federal sector. This is the biggest, premium quality federal reporting tool based on the federal spending, offering more than 20000 reports on a daily basis.

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Ashok Mehan is the sole founder and creator of FEDMINE.US, a company he started in 2004. FEDMINE.US is the only real-time federal contracts and opportunities data in the federal sector, and it is the largest premium quality federal reporting suite on federal spending, with over 20,000 reports updated daily. FEDMINE is an advanced web-based business intelligence tool focused on the Federal Contracting Market that seamlessly aggregates up-to-date contract data from numerous government sources and makes it available to users via a powerful, easy to use, intuitive user interface.

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Conducting Federal Market Research

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Conducting Federal Market Research

This article was published on 2011/04/29